Stewardship Campaign - Week 3


A homework assignment!

Matthew 25: 14-30          The Parable of the Talents

One of the Stewardship Campaign goals is to make sure everyone is able and willing to participate in the mission and ministry of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in 2016.  This week there is no formal presentation, however, there is a passage for consideration as homework. 

Almost 100 years ago, there was a professor at Concordia Seminary named Paul E. Kretzmann.  Online you will find Kretzmann’s popular commentary at

You can find many other commentaries that cite this parable as supporting a prosperity gospel, and still other commentaries clearly struggling with the punishment of the ‘poor’ servant.  This can be a hard text.

Kretzmann’s comments cut through some of that confusion and are a reminder that Jesus is instructing us that God expects His believers to be involved and do His work.  Not all have the same gifts, but all are expected to participate.

Next week we’ll be introducing a book that explores the concept of ‘acceptable gifts’.  Each family will receive a copy of the book and it will be available in your box in the Chervenak Celebration Center.

Thanks for your support of the Stewardship Campaign