Stewardship Campaign – Week 1

Focus on the Goals!

Focus on the Goals!

September 13, 2015


On Sunday, September 13th, we heard about the launching of the Stewardship Campaign after worship.  A brief presentation was given that focused on some of the goals for the next seven weeks. 

Members were directed to the letter that was sent during the week, and the following topics were highlighted:

  • Learning the biblical concepts involved with stewardship and giving
    During our Stewardship Campaign we will explore the concept of ‘acceptable gifts’
  • Increase in the number of people supporting our mission and ministry
    We have great participation, however, we want to make sure everyone is involved
  • Increase our giving to meet the opportunities in 2016
    We know the needs will grow in 2016 to support our mission and ministry
  • Be in prayer for our congregation and our 2016 mission and ministry
    As always, we acknowledge that God is in charge and we hope that we will respond with joy and thanksgiving to the opportunities we are given in 2016

Each Sunday during September and October will feature information on our Stewardship Campaign.  Some weeks will include a brief presentation after worship, while other Sundays will have printed material available for review.

Thank you for your support of the Stewardship Campaign.