Stewardship Campaign Kicks off 9/13/15

September 8, 2015

Grace and Peace!

I am writing to invite you to join me in our 2015 Stewardship Campaign.  The Campaign will take place during September and October and culminate in a dedication on Sunday, November 1st where we’ll ask people to make a commitment supporting the mission and ministry of Pilgrim Lutheran for 2016. 

What should you expect?  During the next seven Sundays you can expect to hear about different stewardship opportunities, consider educational and biblical resources, as well as explore the idea of determining what is an ‘acceptable gift’ that we give to God.

What is our goal?  Our larger goal is to learn more about giving and help members be good stewards of the resources that God has entrusted to us.  More specifically however, we are looking to make sure that everyone is engaged in the mission and ministry that we share. 

One of the outcomes from the Stewardship Campaign will be to allow our church leadership to help shape a budget for 2016 to support our programs.  As always, any budget is presented at a Voters’ Meeting for ratification. 

What happens November 1st?  On November 1st we’ll ask members to identify their financial support for the next year, but more information will be forthcoming on that topic. 

Finally, one of the resources we will be discussing is a book by Jeff Anderson, titled Plastic Donuts.  It is an easy read, just over 100 pages, and explores the topic of giving with a unique style.  As a part of our Campaign, each family will be receiving a copy of the book compliments of the Stewardship Committee.

I give thanks to God for the opportunity to share these next 7 weeks with you and I hope you share the excitement I have about what’s happening at Pilgrim Lutheran Church.  Please continue to be in prayer for our congregation as we learn more about stewardship and identify our support for the 2016 mission and ministry. 

Blessings –

Dean Maggs

Stewardship Chair