A word about Thrivent Financial:

Do you happen to be a Thrivent Benefit member?  If so, please remember that Thrivent offers Choice Dollars where you are eligible to designate funds to the non-profit of your choosing.

Many of you have designated Pilgrim for these funds, and if you did then THANK YOU for remembering our mission and ministry through this method of giving.  Others have designated other worthy organizations, and you should be applauded for your stewardship as well.  Unfortunately, every year there are people who forget to designate their Choice Dollars.

These funds must be designated no later than March 31st, after which they are no longer available.  Any amount over $5 can be given. 

Here’s a link where you can go to Thrivent and check to see if you have Choice Dollars available:


Contact Thrivent or your Financial Representative if you have any questions.