Core Values

We Value...

Worship as exalting God above all else, seeking God's splendor and acknowledging His Lordship in every aspect of one's life through celebrations surrounded by God's Word and the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.

God's Word as the holy, revealed, inerrant and verbally inspired Word that gives life meaning, relevance and power to live as a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.

Prayer as a means of opening our hearts, minds and souls to God through thanksgiving, intercession confession and supplication.

Tradition as the time-honored, historical direction inspired by God's instruction to the church and the gathered experience of the church at worship throughout its history.

Community as an intentional way to touch others with Christ's love through charitable acts that assist those who are in need or in crisis.

Family as the nucleus of the Christian community that confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord and transmits the Good News of the Gospel to the next generation of believers.

Giving as a means to expend and extend our time, talents, and treasures to support local, national, and global ministries.