A New 12-part Summer Video Series is coming May 31st

On May 31st (the Sunday after Memorial Day weekend) we will begin showing “Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis” a 12-episode video series that will be presented before Sunday Service (8:45 AM) in lieu of the usual Adult Bible Study during the summer. This series will discuss scientific evidence for the Biblical Creation and a number of other current topics, here is a list of the episodes:

1. Chaos or Cosmos (Are we here by random chance or by design?)
2. What is Life? (Where did life come from?)
3. What is Man? (Where did humans come from and why are they unique?)
4. Buried Clues (What does the fossil record and other evidence say about the history of life on earth?)
5. Flood or Fiction? (What does the evidence say about a world-wide flood?)
6. How old is the Earth? (Why is this question so important?)
7. Dinosaurs! (Many questions about dinosaurs answered including “Did the dinosaurs really become extinct before humans existed?”)
8. The Ice Age (How does the evidence of an Ice Age fit in with the Bible?)
9. Rise of Civilization (How and when did civilization rebuild after the flood?)
10. Origin of the Universe (How did this huge universe we live in begin?)
11. Uniqueness of Earth (Is our planet unique or just one of many?)
12. Science and Scripture (Has science replaced the need for the Bible?)

Children, especially from sixth grade through college are encouraged to attend. Why? Because many anti-Christian topics such as evolution, science in favor of faith, relativism (no need for absolutes), God does not exist, etc. are being taught as truth in many schools today. Even though your kids are being taught or have been taught about creation, sin, Jesus, salvation, the nature of God, etc. they are confronted (or in some cases being bombarded) by these contrary teachings throughout the week. Unfortunately by their first year in college, or perhaps sooner, your child's beliefs may be compromised resulting in them potentially losing their faith in Jesus and the Bible. This series provides a professional and yet entertaining way to educate your children (and of course ourselves, we need to know how to answer these questions too).

We will be showing one episode per week plus we will present the same episode on the following Wednesday (time to be determined) for those that could not attend the Sunday morning viewing. This series was created by the Institute for Creation Research (icr.org) a Christian based scientific research organization focused on supporting Biblical creation. For more information about this series please go to www.unlockingthemysteriesofgenesis.org.  If you have any questions about this series please contact Dave Heywood.

See you there!